Wednesday, May 13, 2009 | By: Adnan

Mystic Emporium

Take over a musty old magic shop and turn it into the best business in town in this fun-filled Time Management game. Brew potions, sell artifacts and tend to a variety of magical customers as you build your very own magic shop. Keep all of your customers happy and improve your Mystic Emporium with astonishing upgrades, new potions, and even a pet phoenix! Enjoy exciting minigames as you take your shop to the top!

Game Size 62 MB



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Anonymous said...

I downloaded this game from here, and several other sites, but it doesn't save my progress! When I quit the game, my profile disappears, and I have to start everything over. Do you know what might be the problem? :(

monoberry said...

thanks a lot!!!!i love time management games....

Anniriel said...

the link is dead

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