Monday, May 11, 2009 | By: Adnan

3 Stars of Destiny

The evil orc Ozur has discovered some powerful energy that will make him completely and totally unstoppable! It’s up to you to prevent Ozur from gathering this energy as you quest to the 3 Stars of Destiny! Customize your character’s abilities and skills in this exciting role-playing game. Explore mysterious lands as you travel far away form your home and finally confront Ozur. Can you stop his evil plan?

Game Size 124 MB



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Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I click on it to download it to my computer and it sends me to this site and says I do not have a valid id to download the file. What am I doing wrong. Please respond to

Anonymous said...

help i downloaded the game and everytime i play for like 5 minutes it freezes then my screen suddenly turns off what am i going to do?

Anonymous said...

I had no problem downloading, nor play this game. It's a good classic rpg game, too.

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