Sunday, January 29, 2012 | By: Adnan

Spooky Mall

When do ghosts come out to shop? Midnight! And that's when your shift begins when you play Spooky Mall! Manage five bustling stores packed with the goods ghosts love in this ghoulishly fun time management game. Keep your shelves stocked, your customers happy and your employees hopping to earn the money you need to buy new equipment and upgrade your stores. To earn the gold ranking on each of the game's 100 fast-paced levels, you'll have to watch out for thieves, keep things clean and quickly respond to calls for help. It's all in a night's work as you run the classiest, and spookiest, mall around!

School 26

Build friendships for teenage Kate! Use intuition, empathy, and strategy to navigate the often-treacherous social hierarchies of high school. Get to know Kate's new classmates’ personalities and resolve their issues in order to stay at the new school.

Nightfall Mysteries - Black Heart Collectors Edition

Stop the evil Vansig family before they point their vengeful wrath at your friend Christine in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart! Just as Viggo and Christine believed themselves free from the shackles of the Vansig family, an enemy they thought dead returns to kidnap Viggo, destroying the newfound peace of the lovers. Powerless to save Viggo by herself, Christine has called upon your help in Nightfall Mysteries: Black Heart!
Saturday, January 28, 2012 | By: Adnan

Big City Adventure 5 - London Story

Fitzpatrick McGovern is long gone, but his mysterious lost legacy is still out there! Find it in Big City Adventure: London Story! Follow the tantalizing trail of clues he left behind and visit some of the best known locations around London in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Meet an eccentric cast of characters that can help you in your quest, but only if you can help them first. Track down the legacy in Big City Adventure: London Story!

Big City Adventure: London Classic

Search for thousands of cleverly hidden items around the historic sites of jolly old London in Big City Adventure: London Classic! Collect postcards containing fascinating and obscure facts about London and its history and earn cool mementos from the amazing scenes you'll visit in this fun Hidden Object game. Play unique minigames and explore a beautiful city in Big City Adventure: London Classic!


Unlock magical islands in Gemaica and discover incredible treasures in this fun Puzzle Adventure game! Join the quest to save the world and restore peace and harmony to the world by solving a mystery somewhere amidst the vast seas. Loot, explosives, and wild creatures are waiting to be found. Unlock amazing achievements, wield incredible powerups, and lead the way to victory in Gemaica

All My Gods

Even gods grow old. So does Saturn, one of the oldest gods of Rome. He decides to retire, and wants his son to take his place. The council of the gods respectfully accepts his will and welcomes an heir to take Saturn’s place on one condition. He has to prove that he is worthy of their trust and divine powers he is about to receive.The future seems bright and glorious for the son of Saturn. But not all the great gods are willing to welcome newcomers at the Capitoline Hill. Mars – the god of war loses his temper every time he hears someone speak about the newbie. On top of that our hero falls in love with Mars’s beloved Venus and Mars swears to never allow the youngling become a god.Lead Saturn’s son to the top of the Pantheon! Help him become a mighty god! Use divine powers to change the life of Romans. Make your small village prosper and grow into an Empire! Outsmart the evil gods! Make friends with the nice ones! And win the heart of the most beautiful of them all!

Downloading Problem

Hello everyone,

Last few days was very hard for me , after megaupload (takedown) , file hosting sites which i used ( filesonic, fileserve, uploadstation ) are temporarily down :( .
I lost all my files again and it will takes some time to renew links.Please be patient.
If you recently bought premium account on filesonic, ask for refund, because i will not upload my stuff on their site anymore I am really sorry for this situation.
I will upload new stuff on filefactory and bayfiles for now, their download speed for free users is slow, but this is only way to share new games with you for now.
Thanks for you support ( purchasing premium account through my links ) it really helps me. Wish you all best.

Thanks for your understanding.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | By: Adnan

Top Chef

Sharpen your kitchen knives and dive into a frenzied culinary competition in this tantalizing Time Management game! Compete against a seasoned lineup of talented chefs in a blur of intense Quickfire and Elimination cooking challenges! Choose from a dizzying assortment of ingredients to build the grandest of gourmet convections. Find out if you have what it takes to be the Top Chef today!

Flower Shop: Big City Break

Can you help Meg turn a small flower shop into a blooming success? You'll need to keep the customers happy, the flowers blossoming and the money rolling in. Keep an eye out for helpful butterflies, and tricky bugs! Sound easy? Then see how many demanding customers you can help her serve at once!

Fitness Frenzy

With a hard bod and healthy mind, your clients can conquer the world. As Vicki, a personal fitness trainer, you must help all sorts of people from newbie joggers to muscle-bound weight lifters reach their personal goals. A great fitness trainer has the speed and knowledge to help clients hit their target body weight and shape in this Time-Management sprint. Pump those dumbbells and and propel your way into a Fitness Frenzy.
Sunday, January 22, 2012 | By: Adnan

Otherworld: Spring of Shadows Collectors Edition

Use a mystical locket to explore a magical world and save a young girl in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows! After buying a quaint house in the country side, you embark on an incredible adventure. With help from magical creatures, find and save Fiona before it's too late! Find the menacing shadow that took Fiona and return her to our world. Solve inventive puzzles and discover secrets in Otherworld: Spring of Shadows, a fun Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Vacation Quest - Australia

Grab your passport for an exotic seek and find adventure! Take a trip Down Under as you search for hidden clues to unlock new adventures and extend your stay. It’s your own relaxing getaway!
Explore 28 scenes across Australia in search of over 2,200 hidden objects. Track down boomerangs in each location to tour new sites and earn a Perfect Score. Fill your vacation journal with your achievements and discover cool facts. Relax in untimed Vacation mode or compete against the clock. Either way, you’ll never want it to end!

Pahelika: Revelations

Return to the world of Pahelika, and get immersed into a new magical, puzzle solving adventure. Fresh from his success in obtaining the magic book Pahelika, Sudesh Budkoti thought that he would be getting some well earned rest. Unfortunately he was wrong. Not only was he not about to get any rest, but he would be called upon to save the world from an ancient evil he himself had unleashed while obtaining the book...
Saturday, January 21, 2012 | By: Adnan


Play the role of an outcast magician determined to prove herself worthy in Miracles. Make wishes come true and bring happiness to your land. The Archmagician is looking for a successor and in order to win the competition you must journey far and wide. Do you have a keen eye and fast reflexes for making wishes come true?
Friday, January 20, 2012 | By: Adnan

Sea Legends - Phantasmal Light Collectors Edition

After their yacht is sunk by an incredible storm, Jane and Mike are separated in Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light! Waking up on a mysterious island, Jane must now figure out what happened and find Mike before it’s too late. Explore amazing Hidden Object scenes and solve tricky puzzles as you uncover a terrifying truth on the island. Escape from danger and be reunited with Mike in Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light!

Hello Venice

Help Adda and Ciro solve a mystery and restore a garden to its former beauty in Hello Venice, an amazing Match 3 game! After the venerable Sacrobosco Grimani dies, his entire garden wilts away and loses its luster. Now, it’s up to his grandchildren to bring the garden back to life and preserve Sacrobosco’s memory. Make it through challenging Match 3 levels and quick Time Management scenes to save the day in Hello Venice!

Doggie Daycare

It's tail-wagging fun at your Doggie Daycare center where puppies will feel like they're in paradise! You will get to take care of the cutest dogs and puppies. Teach them cool tricks and reward them with toys and yummy treats. Theyll love you so much, they won't want to ever leave! Keep the hounds happy and their humans happier in Doggie Daycare!

Amerzone: Part 1

Dive into an amazing Adventure game and return the White Bird egg to the Amerzone! A dying explorer has entrusted you with an egg that was stolen over 50 years ago. Now it’s up to you to return the egg to ensure the survival of the incredible White Birds. Travel across the globe and look for valuable clues as to the location of the Amerzone. Find their mystical birds and go on a unique adventure in Amerzone: Part 1
Sunday, January 15, 2012 | By: Adnan

2Tasty too : L'amour a Paris!

2 Tasty game has got a long-awaited sequel! Meet Libby again with new recipes and addicting love adventures.2 Tasty too is a new innovation of blended hidden-dash game, with lots of features and interesting mini games, also  with a spoonful well done romantic story between Cole and Libby in the most romantic city in the world !Would you like to visit France together with Libby? be sure to witness the sequel romantic story of Libby in 2 Tasty too – l'amour à Paris !

Gutterball Golden Pin Bowling

Hit the lanes for a fun night of bowling with Gutterball - Golden Pin Bowling, a fabulous game for the entire family.The lanes are open, the shoes are shined, and the balls are rolling in this unique bowling game that is certain to please. Choose from seven uniquely themed alleys including Vegas and Pumpkin Fields, and play a round or two of your favorite game. All of the typical scoring rules are in play but here, there's so much more.
Knock down golden pins and use them to unlock 36 cool-looking balls with variable speeds and power. You can also buy and use fun power-ups to give you an edge. Use the three-way shot to guarantee a strike or decimate the entire lane with a bomb. It's up to you. If you're lucky, or skilled, you'll also be able to earn 40 fantastic achievements. Family bowling night with a special twist is now open! 

Jigsaws Galore

Put together the beautiful jigsaws included, or make your own new puzzles from photos or screen captures in Jigsaws Galore! Play through countless puzzles in the ultimate Jigsaw puzzle game. Choose the size, style, quantity, and even the thickness of pieces. Customize the color schemes and sounds, and create your own handy trays to separate pieces from one another. 

Golden Trails - The New Western Rush

Crafty bandits have robbed the bank in the provincial Sunnyvale. And none but you, the brave Sheriff Jack, can solve this knotty case. Search in every nook and cranny in the provincial borough, scour gold mines, Grand Canyon, wigwams, dusty ranches and more to unravel who could realize this insidious heist. Featuring exciting game play, innovative mini games, intriguing detective and romantic storylines and lovely western characters, Golden Trails: The New Western Rush is your chance to have the greatest adventure!
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 | By: Adnan

Bedtime Stories - The Lost Dreams

Bedtime Stories: The Lost Dreams is a fun Hidden Object/Adventure game with 4 separate chapters. Explore wonderful dream locations, solve tricky puzzles and meet charming characters as you help an unaccomplished prima ballerina, genius detective, recognized chocolatier and famous adventurer. This family-friendly game is sure to please you with good sense of humor and amusing art and animation.

Happy Chef

Develop expert culinary skills in Happy Chef, a gripping Time Management game with tons of different dishes! Take command of the kitchen and demonstrate the skills of a master chef. Start with hamburgers and hot dogs and work your way to becoming the best known restaurant in the country! Decorate your restaurant, buy new furniture, find awesome accessories, and upgrade your kitchen to become a Happy Chef!

Temple of Life - The legend of Four Elements Collectors Edition

After an archeologist releases the element of water, it’s up to you to restore the balance of the elements in Temple of Life: The Legend of Four Elements! Scour Hidden Object scenes and solve perplexing puzzles to save the entire world! Find the artifacts and work as quickly as you can to stop the damage being done. Can you track down the element of water before it’s too late? Find out in Temple of Life: The Legend of Four Elements!

Dr Who Episode 3 - Tardis

With the TARDIS caught in a time riptide, it's up to Amy to save the day or leave the good Doctor trapped in the void forever. Meanwhile, a dangerous entity is roaming the TARDIS corridors and it hasn't been fed for a very long time.This is your chance to be the Doctor. Are you up to the challenge?
Sunday, January 8, 2012 | By: Adnan

Garden Defense

Backyards across Lindencroft are under attack by merciless, flower-eating pests! Help the Smiths protect their backyard, and the rest of their neighborhood, by deploying a wild arsenal of lawn ornaments, bug-fighting plants and other oddball inventions. Place your items around the garden and watch them fend off each attack. With the money you earn for defeating wave after wave of creepy crawlers and frightful flyers, you can add more defenses or upgrade the ones you have to be bigger, better, stronger, and weirder. Each garden you rid of these persistent pests will draw you closer to unraveling the mystery of these hungry invaders. Help the Smiths with their backyard battle today!

Bicycle Illusions BETA

In turn of the century New York City, two rival magicians are about to entertain the city in a Battle Royale performance that will decide which of the two is the better illusionist – Johannes the Great or Merlin the Amazing. On the eve of this performance, Johannes’ assistant, Sophie, is kidnapped and ransomed to her sweetheart, Peter - for the price of Johannes’ defeat and death onstage! You'll play as Sophie and Peter as you attempt to outsmart villains, magic spells, illusions, and other obstacles, and still get to the theater before the performance begins.

Fever Frenzy

Take care of some of the strangest patients you'll ever meet in this fun twist on popular service style games. Cure patients with baboonic plague, bipolarbear disorder, mother goose bumps, 3rd degree sideburns and many more, each with their own personalities and voices. Watch them graphically transform as you cure them! 

Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers

Explore the center of Isola in this innovative new chapter: Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers! Feed, clothe, and raise your tribe while also handling a band of mysterious masked heathens who don't believe in you! Guide your tribe as they attempt to convert the savages, by dismantling their precious totems and removing their scary masks. Impress the unruly natives and show them your power in Virtual Villagers 5!

Monster Mash

Save the villagers of Curly Valley from a monstrous invasion in this colorful challenge. Set up strategic defenses and protect each village from wave after wave of hideous, horrible, and even hilarious monsters. Listen to villagers cheer as they reward you for your heroics. Use your winnings to upgrade your fortifications and pick up helpful power-ups to keep back the onslaught. Inspired by classic storybooks, Monster Mash is a blast of fun, featuring fantastic graphics, loads of challenging levels, and unique gameplay. Try this addictive treat today!

Virtual Villagers 4 - The Tree of Life

Return to the beautiful island of Isola with Virtual Villagers 4 - The Tree of Life, and discover a whole new world of adventure.The story of the mysterious isle and its tribe of refugees continues in this amazing sequel to the hit game series. The island's chief is worried that life is slowly diminishing on this lush paradise, so has assembled an expedition to find the source of these troubles along the unexplored eastern shores. As they search, discover and inevitably populate this strange new area, the answer becomes clear as to why the majestic island is dying.Journey to this exciting new section of the isle and remedy the situation before everything disappears! Find out what is causing the extinction, how it can be solved, and why it is affecting all other life. Select your expedition group and lead them through all-new challenges. Build homes, gather resources, and cultivate technologies. With new puzzles, first-time collectibles and a fresh mystery to uncover, the island of Isola will once again captivate your imagination with what critics call "undeniably fun and long-lasting play".

Virtual Villagers 3 - The Secret City

Embark on an all-new journey with the villagers of Isola in this eagerly anticipated addition to the popular series. In need of new lands to support their growing population, a group of villagers sets out into the unknown. When a fierce storm forces them to land on Isola's northern shore, they discover a city hidden in the dense jungle. Help your villagers establish a new colony, discover all-new secrets, and explore a vast world of fun on the mysterious island of Isola. Your curious friends will learn, build, and grow old in real-time - even if you're not playing! Of course, you'll want to keep a close eye on your developing tribe as you guide them to the mysteries hidden in the secret city. Full of surprises and packed with fun, Virtual Villagers - The Secret City is an adventure you'll never forget.

Virtual Villagers 2 - The Lost Children

Follow a pair of curious villagers into the cave of Isola in this eagerly anticipated sequel to the smash hit. Plunge with them into dazzling sunlight and mist as a magnificent waterfall cuts them off them from their friends and family and brings them face to face with . . . children! Care for this fledgling tribe and discover more secrets of the Island of Isola in hours of immersive fun. They build, learn, and grow in real-time, even if your computer is off, but you'll want to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't give up too easily. Featuring all-new puzzles, technologies, and island events, Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children is full of the unexpected. Explore the western shore of Isola today!

Garden Dreams

Grow a garden of gaming fun in this enchanting adventure. Plant and grow a variety of crops to boost your profits and help Granny build her dream garden. Unlock unique upgrades and special items to help your garden grow. Watch out for snails, beetles, worms and other garden pests that want to snack on your harvest. A delightful challenge for the green thumb gamer, Garden Dreams is a fresh crop of family fun.

Virtual Villagers - A New Home

Create your own paradise in this real-time simulation from the creators of Fish Tycoon. After fleeing a horrifying volcanic eruption, a small group of villagers begin again on a new shore. Guide them on their way to become farmers, builders, scientists, parents and more in their new home. They build, learn, and grow in real-time, even if your computer is off, but you'll want to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't give up too easily. Join the Virtual Villager family today!
Friday, January 6, 2012 | By: Adnan

Mystical Island

Reunite Rick and Caitlin in Mystical Island, an incredible Hidden Object game! Get rick off of a tropical island and get him home! With no recollection of his past, it’s up to you to guide Rick and help him regain his memory. Help Caitlin track down her husband and figure out what gave Rick amnesia as you scour gorgeous locations and beautiful scenes. Get Rick off of the Mystical Island and return him to Caitlin!

Aqua Fish 2

Help a heroic little fish collect treasures scattered across the sea bottom by a large storm. Avoid bigger fishes and enemies such as sharks as you seek bonuses (teleports, accelerators, shields and other) along the way.Explore colorful 3D environments: the aquarium, ocean channels, the bottom of a river, the ocean depths, and worlds full of jellyfish and coral reefs. Prepare for an exciting underwater adventure!


One day a detective agency was visited by a young woman who wanted to discover the truth of her beloved man, a lowly bank clerk. She put him under suspicion after finding his bill of purchasing of an expensive jewelry about that she knew nothing.Steve, a talent detective, must solve this strange case. And the deeper he inquired into the matter the more he suspected the young man. A note written by a mysterious woman, a sudden death of a near relative, who left a large fortune to the clerk, a colt revolver in his cabinet and a leased yacht –the case becomes more complicated and interesting. Solve all puzzles and mini-games to learn the truth and discover clerk’s secrets.

Schoolmates From Present To Past

Schoolmates: From Present to Past is a fairy-tale adventure game! It's tough to find a charming prince...but that's exactly where Blondie bumps into her real prince from the past, Albert! Confused and scared, the prince insists he's from the past and wants nothing more than to return home. Help Blondie and her friends to get Prince Albert from the present to the past. Delve into the dark arts of the Selena Order, consult sorcerers and fortune tellers, and unlock a portal that can take your prince home. What measures will his enemies take to ensure Albert stays where he is? Find out in this charming adventure game!
Wednesday, January 4, 2012 | By: Adnan

Shaolin Mystery: Revenge of the Terracotta Warriors

Save your people from an invading force in Shaolin Mystery: Revenge of the Terracotta Warriors! Travel dangerous mountain roads, visit Shaolin temples, free a mighty dragon, and save your village in this exciting Hidden Object game! Find useful items as you search beautiful locations and explore ancient China. Will you work quickly enough to stop the Terracotta Warriors? Find out in Shaolin Mystery: Terracotta Warriors!

Worlds Greatest Cities Mahjong

Learn about the greatest cities in the world while playing through amazing Mahjong levels in World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong! Work your way through multiple game modes and countless layouts as you pick up interesting facts about amazing cities. Use special power-up tiles to clear the screen and master Mahjong! Take on the different game types and conquer World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong!

Emma and the Inventor

Save Emma’s grandfather who has accidentally trapped himself in a mysterious void in Emma and the Inventor! After completing his greatest invention ever, Grandfather Jenkin’s mysterious machine sends him to an alternate dimension and explodes, scattering the pieces all over his home. Now it’s up to Emma to put the machine back together and create fuel for it in this beautiful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds

Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds is an uncomplicated yet addictive puzzle game. The most dangerous obstacles in your world of labyrinths are wolves and pits. Coming across one of these challenges will cause your sheep to perish. Your objective is to safely guide your sheep through the maze to safety. Lay out a path of arrows in the right direction, but be careful--you can only use so many arrows at once, and must erase old arrows when you run out. Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds features 250 mazes and simple controls for maximum fun!

World Class Poker with T.J. Cloutier

Learn poker from one of the most successful poker professionals in history, T.J. Cloutier! In this great poker collection you can play a variety of different games--including Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hold'em, 7 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw--with thousands of AI opponents offering a ton of different skill levels. Build your bankroll in various limit and no-limit ring games, or play in any number of tournaments: satellites, heads up, single-table shootouts and multi-table tournaments. Earn enough money to really test yourself by entering into the No Limit Texas Hold'em Main Event! Play World Class Poker with T.J. Cloutier now.

Charm Solitaire

Restore the memory of a magical kingdom in this exciting twist on solitaire from the creators of Magic Inlay. Armed with only a deck of cards, it's up to you to bring this fantasy land back to life. Place classic playing cards on the board following one simple rule: place cards next to another one with a value of one less or one greater, regardless of the suit! It's easy to learn and play, but saving the day is another matter altogether.


You friend, Sandra, has asked you to help find her missing sister in Ruin! Rebuild two houses to uncover a shocking mystery as you take on this unique Puzzle game. Arrange the marbles to match the picture in the upper-right corner in as few moves as possible and earn different medals. Track down Sandra’s missing sister and save the day in Ruin, an incredible Puzzle game.