Sunday, January 15, 2012 | By: Adnan

2Tasty too : L'amour a Paris!

2 Tasty game has got a long-awaited sequel! Meet Libby again with new recipes and addicting love adventures.2 Tasty too is a new innovation of blended hidden-dash game, with lots of features and interesting mini games, also  with a spoonful well done romantic story between Cole and Libby in the most romantic city in the world !Would you like to visit France together with Libby? be sure to witness the sequel romantic story of Libby in 2 Tasty too – l'amour à Paris !

Game Size 284  MB




Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!

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Anonymous said...

is there any other link u can put up? its been days dat ive tried this link but its still fully used.. i really wanted to download this game.. thank you..

Adnan said...

I am really sorry, as you know all filehosts which i used are currently down, filefactory is only left for now.I am currently looking for more filehosts to start uploading again my files.Be patient please.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi need serious help here
How come i cannot enter the italian restaurant level after finishing the first level?
it said there that i need to buy Pasta maker from the store, but in the store i cannot find any pasta maker. help me please Adnan. thanks :)

Adnan said...

Sorry not my mistake, this is 1st game version released- if new version comes out I will post it here. :)

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