Sunday, October 16, 2011 | By: Adnan

Guardian Dragons - The Prophecy

Experience the story of Falko Loffler's fantasy novel. You will meet dragons, demons, heroes and mythical creatures. Play as Seld Esan, who does everything in his might to save his people. He unravels the mysteries of a baffling prophecy that seems to decide about his fate. 

Game Size 351 MB



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sorinutsa said...

heiii ... ! i really need help ... when i am playing they the game stops and say that it has to close because it ecountered a problem ... what`s that problem? :)

Adnan said...

Hi sorintusa,

I already played game and i didn't found any problems in game.

Please make sure your PC is Up-To-Date ( Turn ON Microsoft automatic updates )

Or manually download these apps:

Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave Player


Microsoft C+, Microsoft Net Framework 2.0.

I hope this helps.

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