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Dr. Lynch - Grave Secrets

Investigate claims of paranormal activities in the English countryside in Dr. Lynch - Grave Secrets, a beautiful yet eerie hidden object mystery.After hearing tales of a ghostly woman haunting an archaeological dig in the village of Brombury, England, Dr. Ignatius Lynch takes on the case to debunk claims of the paranormal once and for all. With the declining sales of his recent book, Dr. Lynch realizes that this investigation is just what he needs to regain his world-renowned ghost-busting status. As you assume the role of Dr. Lynch, you'll complete 14 investigations while exploring 28 haunting locations. After each investigation you'll talk to key witnesses who will give you valuable Clue Cards that are critical to solving the case. There are also exciting mini-games to play like collecting animated fireflies and solving tricky word puzzles. See if you have what it takes to piece together the clues and finally put an end to these rumors of the supernatural.
Updated; June 12, 2014

Game Size 85  MB


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