Saturday, October 1, 2011 | By: Adnan

Tabloid Tycoon

Tabloid Tycoon is a business simulation that will have you earning your salary and building your income through the production and distribution of a “trashy” tabloid magazine. As editor you will assign reporters and photographers to different leads, hire freelance writers, sabotage the competition, and settle the endless court cases your “less than credible” stories may incite. Take the reigns as editor of this tabloid and make it a great success, earning lots and lots of money along the way.

Game Size 84  MB
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Sorethroat said...

weird, i cant rerun the game after i saved the game and exited the game. tried to reinstall as well to no avail

Adnan said...

I cant find better version for this game on net.
On my comp. works fine under winxp sp3 and win7 ultimate.
Game may needs these apps to works fine:
Adobe Flash Player,
Shockwave Player,
Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 and Microsoft C++ 2005.
Direct_X 9.x last,
Use google to find this apps, download them, install and try again to start game..

Sorethroat said...

hi adnan, thanks for the reply. still no avail with my laptop, so i tried to my desktop and it works fine. thanks again adnan. love your work here.

Anonymous said...

hey, adnan, great place u have here, i've been following you since you were on mininova :D
both sites for download have now restricted access and you can only download your own files there, could you please get a link for mediafire or any other place?

Adnan said...

Hello, thanks,

Am really sorry.If i find it on my pc i will add new link here.In meantime try other games.


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