Wednesday, November 9, 2011 | By: Adnan

Strange Cases 3 - The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake Collectors Edition

Discover the Secrets of Grey Mist Lake! FBI Agent Claire Ellery has discovered another Strange Case and she needs your help to get to the bottom of a set of strange circumstances. Explore a town only spoken of in legend in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game and save the day. Dive into Strange Cases: The Secrets of Grey Mist Lake and uncover an incredible story with shocking twists!

Game Size 471  MB




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Anonymous said...

Mr Adnan,
It's says, "This program requires a security key. If you have one, select OK to enter it. After entering a valid key, you will not be prompted again." May I know the Name and the Key?

Adnan said...

I always add instruction( Registration key.txt or Read Me.txt) in game folder, how to register game.Follow instruction its really easy to register game.

Have Fun.

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