Tuesday, November 29, 2011 | By: Adnan

Joining Hands

Joining Hands is a puzzle game that leaves no hand behind! Enter the Whispering Woods and meet the Peablins. They are curious little creatures who share a common belief: hold hands with your friends and the Boogeyman won't take you. This has worked as long as they can remember, so it must be true. Join the Peablins on their quest to find all their siblings and cousins in this adorable drag-and-drop puzzle game!

Game Size 10  MB



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mortish said...


I know that this is not the right way, but i don't know how to write you. I'm looking for the game Flip or Flop. I searched for a very long time but i couldnt find it anywhere. Do you know where i can find it? Or can you post it?

Thanks for alle the game you post on this blog. I love it

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