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Farm Tribe

Help organize a farm and solve the mystery of a Mayan tribe in Farm Tribe, a wonderful blend of simulation and farm management.Anny's father is doing research in the jungle and has enlisted her assistance in financing the project. While her father is away investigating the ruins of a Mayan tribe, she must stay behind and figure out how to pay for the land that is being used as a base camp. Her solution, a bustling organic farm of course!Join Anny as she uses her green thumb to get the farm off the ground and going. Grow crops, gather food, construct buildings, and sell your wares in the city. Direct and educate the workers to become more efficient and defend against pesky bugs. Cook food, decorate the farm, and attract new customers. Along the way, you'll collect items that will help her father's research to solve the Mayan mystery.
Game Size 28  MB



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