Friday, November 11, 2011 | By: Adnan

Red Crow Mysteries: Legion

You have been chosen to defend all of mankind in Red Crow Mysteries: Legion! Stand up to a terrible evil and save humanity! Your extraordinary gift is also your biggest curse. The ability to see things others cannot is an unbelievable challenge and responsibility that you must now embrace in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Can you past the test and prove you are the one who will defend mankind when judgment day comes?

Game Size 244 MB




Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!


en said...

Dear Adnan,this game doesn't start for me.Do you have some tips why can this happen or what should I do?Thanks and I love yor games :)

Adnan said...

Install microsoft C++, adobe flash player, Net Framework 4.0 and directX, then run game again.I hope this works for you.


en said...

I have all of these and it still doesn't works,but the another games yes.Maybe next time :)

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