Sunday, September 19, 2021 | By: John

Fairy Godmother Stories - Miraculous Dream in Taleville Collector's Edition

No one ever said being royalty was easy, and that’s certainly the case for your goddaughter. When Princess Sofia is put under a spell at her engagement party, only her fairy godmother can come to her rescue! It’s up to you to use your magical prowess and stellar detective skills to find who’s to blame. But working with the fairy tale residents of Taleville won’t be an easy task, and when magic’s involved, things are rarely as they seem! Do you have what it takes? Find out in this bewitching Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

Game Size 1.3 GB


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Anonymous said...

Holy crap, you're still alive! It's been years since you posted anything. Nice to see you return.
Also, good choice in game.

joanofark06 said...

Glad to see this site is still up and running...was beginning to wonder (sadly). Such a great site, hope it stays around MUCH longer!
Thanks for all your work!

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