Saturday, January 9, 2016 | By: Adnan

Hidden Clues

The murders are escalating in the city! Follow the clues to cr*ck the cases and arrest the killers! Justice is waiting to be served in these intriguing logic puzzles! Do you have what it takes to be an expert detective?

Game Size 42 MB




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Unknown said...

I just installed windows 10
Now all my games display at 640x480
selecting "full screen" has no affect, do you
think it's an issue with Win 10 ??
I"m currently running 1920x1080.

I have used this Screen Resolution
since win 7,8.0 & 8.1 with no problems

Adnan said...

Hi, John,

I tested this game on winxp, win7 and win8. It worked perfectly.I still don't have win10 on my machine.
Its possible. Please check this. Right click on game shortcut, and check is this option selected "Run in 640x480 screen resolution", if yes, unclick this option, then click OK.Maybe this solution solve your problem with all games. I hope this helps.

Best regards.

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