Sunday, January 31, 2016 | By: Adnan

Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars Collector's Edition

Gardening superstars Jill and Mike have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to create their very own gardening TV show! And you can accompany them to the most beautiful gardens in the world and help them make their dream come true. But be careful: a sinister saboteur tries to ruin the show - and the fact that Jill and Mike are expecting a child does not make things easier as well...
Updated! November 05, 2021
Game Size 1.2 GB



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Karen said...

Hi Adnan, for some unknown reason, none of the download links are working, do you amybe have another link?

Adnan said...

Hi, Karen

Links works perfectly. If you dont have premium on any of this sites, click free user download to get game.Have Fun!

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