Thursday, November 7, 2013 | By: Adnan

Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee 2

The prestigious Coffee Festival is just weeks away. Jo wants to be a contender. Help her transform a modest café into a successful, trendy restaurant and compete for first prize at the festival in Jo's Dream – Organic Coffee 2, a fast-paced time management challenge with a culinary twist.Jo buys a new café so she can participate in the Coffee Festival. With new recipes and interior upgrades at every opportunity, you'll help keep customers smiling and coming back for more. Take orders, hire staff, attract celebrities, and more.
New Version Added!
Game Size 123 MB



Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!


Andrea said...

please help me, I badly want this game but it doesn't work in my pc :(

kickboxinger plus size said...

i have a problem that i can`t press the sign in the door... does anybodyels have this problem ?

Unknown said...

i have problem, too.. i already installed this game but i can't in to this game.. after i click the game.. it's nothing happen.. i tried for many times.. i download for many times, too.. but i still can't play this game..

Adnan said...

New Version Added.This version should fix all problems ;)

Have Fun!

Unknown said...

thanks for repaired, adnan.. you're the best.. :)

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