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Family Farm

Family Farm is an innovative tycoon game in the setting of 19th century farmsteads. It's a simulation of a farmstead experienced in stories which span a generation. Clicking cows won't earn you any cash! You control characters with RPG-like attributes, skills and needs. Keep them fed, develop their skills, upgrade house to accommodate a bigger family and grow their land in to a Family Farm!
Thanks To Vovan
Game Size 65  MB



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Anonymous said...

I'm getting a black screen trying to start the game up. I can hear music in the beginning, that's all. Task manager tells me the application is not responding, so I have to close it from there. I uninstalled and reinstalled, but still have the same problem.

Adnan said...

Game works fine, you need to install direct_x, adobe flash player and microsoft C++.

Make sure your PC is up-to-date.

Happy gaming.

Anonymous said...

Nope, wasn't my computer needing updates. I've bought the game since my last post and it runs fine.

Usually never have problems with games from your site though, so I'll take the opportunity to say thank you for all your great work! It is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this game since 09-apr-2012 been 2 weeks i playing by using windows 7.

This is the best management game ever~
like how to make goods worth more ,
improve the workers skills and their fixed attributes is random too , so can decide which skill to improve at beginning by their starting attributes.

When their ability reaches 3 stars , its DAMN easy to make alot money~
especially TILTH and PLANTs with 3 stars =) its really fast they finish the works.

If u not satisfy yur worker attributes ,u may restart again! LoL it sud giv u a big surprise

from GarenaPlus
RoomLv 22
RankLv 21

Anonymous said...

thanks adnan for the awesome games :D

to everyone who's played this game: can you recommend a similar game? i love Family Farm. Just finished it am experiencing withdrawal symptoms T_T

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