Sunday, April 8, 2012 | By: Adnan

Dragon Keeper 2

The evil witch is back and causing trouble in this exciting Time Management game! The Prince has been turned into a goldfish by the evil witch and the Princess has to save her beloved husband. Enlist help from the magical dragons to break the spell on the Prince. Breed dragons, hire a variety of magical creatures and learn how to cast dragon spells in Dragon Keeper 2! 

Game Size 98  MB



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Anonymous said...

the game had turned to non-responding (froze) during the middle of 2nd cave. Is that a glitch that need to be fixed or just the game does not comparable with Window 7?

Adnan said...

New Version Added: This updated version of the game fixes the following issues:
- Pausing the game no longer freezes the hunger times.
- Upgraded food racks now correctly displayed.
- After exiting the game, all gems in artifacts are now refunded.
- School always has items to offer if there should be any.
- In Island #3, the description is fixed to correspond to the goal requirements.
- Dragon now correctly breeds all types of gems.
- All debris can now be removed by imps.
- Expert stars are nullified after hitting "Replay Chapter" button.

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