Sunday, April 15, 2012 | By: Adnan

The City of Fools

The City of Fools a truly anti-stress game in the hidden object genre. Play City of Fools to get rid of routine work and daily troubles! Help a newspaper journalist to investigate a mysterious case of a UFO contact in a weird town Tundel. The chief editor sends you to interview the mayor of the city about the accident, which is conceived from the public. The City of Fools is memorable for its funny and eccentric characters with their stories, weird ideas and problems to solve. Overcome all the incredible obstacles, find the mayor and complete your quest for laughs in City of Fools!

Game Size 245  MB



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Anonymous said...

It really is an interesting game. But do you know how I can go through the Mayor? I went to his island but once I see him, he would disappear and I would go right back from where my last progress was. Of course I lose even the things in my inventory. Help, please?

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