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In this addictive adaption of the award winning original boardgame, you will travel around the globe to save the inhabitants from their abusive Zoo owners. Winning the Zooloretto game against 36 unique opponents will achieve your quest. As the owner of a Zoo you must collect groups of animals in order to attract visitors to your Zoo. But be careful, the zoo must be carefully managed and planned. Before you know it, you have too many animals and no more room for them.
The zoo must be carefully managed and planned!

Game Size 741  MB

Coming Soon!
If you like this game, please comment to request new links.Thanks.


You need to install direct_X,  Microsoft C++,  Microsoft NET and adobe flash player to run this game.


Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!

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Anonymous said...

AB, in FileFactory there are not free download slots for 2 days that I try to download it.

Since you have a Coming Soon Download Link, can you please upload the game elsewhere so we can download it?

I have the board game. It has full of difficult decisions so I'd like to see how they implemented it in the pc version.

Thank you

Adnan said...

I added 2nd link, bayfiles have good download speed for free users.I hope you will not have problem with download again.Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Adnan.

I downloaded it from bayfiles in an instant. And it plays perfectly.

Thank you for caring.


Anonymous said...

AB, my antivirus did not allow me to play Zooloretto, after it found there is a troyan virus in it: TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen
can this thing be fixed and a new, "clean" version of the game released?
Thank you

Adnan said...

No,your antivirus is bad, this is last clean version, i not upload games with viruses, all my uploaded games are clean.To avoid this problem with false positives in future change your antivirus.I recommend Avast 7 .Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I want this badly! I downloaded it (30 min and waited on bayfiles 300 sec) but when i install it it does not apear on my desktop :(

Adnan said...

Try to download again, bayfiles fixed problem with server.Cheers

Anonymous said...

luv your work bro

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