Tuesday, March 13, 2012 | By: Adnan

Egypt - Secret of five Gods

Help Hatshepsut restore Egypt in Egypt: Secret of five Gods! After Ra disappears, a massive sandstorm destroys Egypt and now Hatshepsut has been chosen by Bastet to repair the country. Drive the dark gods Seth and Anubis away by rebuilding important statues and saving the day in this incredible Strategy game. Recruit powerful warriors to scare away the scavenging bandits and build new farms to feed the populace in Egypt: Secret of five Gods

Game Size 233  MB


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Anonymous said...

those download links are not allowing for download, wants me to sign up.... is there anymore links that i can try to get that game

Anonymous said...

The second download link works fine. Click 'Download' at the top right, wait 300 seconds and then click 'Start Download'

Anonymous said...

Same for me. I can't get them to work.

Adnan said...

If you cant get game from these dwnl links, try to clear browser cache downloading should work.

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