Sunday, March 11, 2012 | By: Adnan

Vampire Saga 3: Break Out

Sink your teeth into the jugular of a heart-stopping journey through the town of Hell Lock in Vampire Saga 3: Break Out, the third chapter in the popular series of hidden object adventure games. As you guide a doctor through the panic-stricken streets of Hell Lock, you will slowly uncover the source of a red-eyed terror that is turning the townspeople into murderous creatures of the night. You will also help the man of science resolve his preference for rational thinking with his visions of his dead daughter, who seems to be taking him on a tour of the horrors of the abandoned town. 

Game Size 200  MB


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Anonymous said...

i like this game but it's eithr a beta version or i'm numb, at a certain point there's nothing to do and the hint doesnt help you

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