Saturday, September 10, 2011 | By: Adnan

Haunted Legends 2: The Bronze Horseman Collectors Edition

A small town lies devastated after being ravaged by a terrible flood. The townsfolk hide away, whispering of the Bronze Horseman, who has come to pass judgment on the wicked! Summoned by the town’s mayor, it is your duty to investigate the mystery and find his son, who has disappeared amidst the chaos. Help the small town using your Hidden Object talents in Haunted Legends: The Bronze Horseman!
Game Size 546 MB


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Perola Negr@ said...

I Adnan, I have a problem with this game!

The problem is when I leave the game in one part and and when I re-enter to play, it asks me as he was about to start the game... Just of the beginnig...

Can you please explain me what going on with the game? It's very interesting and I would like to continue playing.

Thank you for all,


Adnan said...

I already finished this game, and this is last version ( all bugs are fixed ), make sure your firewall or antivirus not block game to save game.
If you use win7 run in compatibility mode as xp sp3, game should works fine.
Anyway i tested this game on all win, and i am sorry if you have problems with this game :)

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