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Haunted Legends 8: The Iron Mask Collector's Edition

Haunted Legends: The Iron Mask is a hidden object adventure game that takes place in France in the 17th century, which means that it features musketeers and all the other representative concepts from that period. However, the rest of the game is not that different from every other release in the genre, especially when it comes to the puzzles and the hidden object sequences.As for the story, it all revolves around a dangerous murderer with an iron mask, who terrorizes France with his killings and no one seems able to stop him. Naturally, you play the role of the man who must put an end to his spree, but the task is much tougher than it sounds. Hence, Louis XIV hires you to investigate the case and maybe pinpoint a suspect to end the murders once and for all.

Game Size 1.02 GB



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