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My Kingdom for the Princess II

My Kingdom for the Princess 2 is the sequel to the original hit My Kingdom for the Princess and an exciting mix of strategy, time management and simulation game. Join the brave knight Arthur and his beautiful Princess Helen on a totally new adventure! My Kingdom for the Princess 2 game opens as Arthur and Helen go on a honeymoon to the Azure.Archipelago after their magnificent wedding. But the things are not so simple! One fateful morning Arthur discovers that their hot-air balloon was torn… How can they get back home? The natives agree to help and lend the lovebirds their last boat, but in return they must to clean up the Archipelago. Help Arthur as he takes up this challenge! In My Kingdom for the Princess 2, you need to guide the workers who clear the roads and erect new buildings. Collect helpful resources and work out your own strategy to succeed in this engaging adventure! Featuring 60 levels of simulation fun, challenging mini-games, lots of power-ups and trophies to earn, it’s your chance to build an absolutely amazing kingdom!

Game Size 100  MB



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