Thursday, August 26, 2010 | By: Adnan

Arvale - Treasure of Memories 3

Dark forces are rising, and the key to defeating them lies in you. Duncan Forsythe, son of Druncan Forsythe, is the royal gardener of Entoque Castle. He spends his days battling nasty flower beds, hunting down poisonous weeds, and occasionally doing his Royal Majesty's laundry . . . meanwhile, the buzz around the castle is that Duncan once saved the world.This was news to Duncan. He couldn't remember a thing that happened over the last few years. He definitely doesn't remember saving the world. Unfortunately, he may have to - lest the world get thrown into turmoil yet again.As Episode 3 begins, the party arrives on the new continent of Garga and Duncan's memory has almost completely recovered... but now that he knows everything, he wishes he didn't! Dark forces are rising, and the key to defeating them lies in Duncan's memory - the memory that is now scattered throughout the world of Arvale. Take him on an epic quest to retrieve those memories and thwart certain doom for the entire world, all the while battling monsters, exploring dungeons, challenging dragons, rescuing fair maidens, gathering friends and foes, and - it wouldn't be an Arvale adventure without this - talking with wheelbarrows.
Game Size 129 MB

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