Sunday, December 13, 2009 | By: Adnan

Westward IV - All Aboard

Punch your express ticket to adventure with Westward IV - All Aboard, a captivating new tale in the fun Wild West series!Anne and Henry are on their way back home after receiving a message that their father, owner of the Turner Railroad Company, is missing. When they arrive, the train station is in shambles and all deliveries from there have stopped. While looking for answers to the disappearance, they also realize that the family business must continue. Help the Turner children find their father and maintain the railroad service!Train skilled workers to add new buildings. Produce goods to sell at the station. Expand the railways into neighboring towns and protect them from gun-toting outlaws. Rescue kidnapped citizens, battle greedy bandits, and save old Mr. Turner in this true western adventure!
Game Size 76 MB


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Adnan - I have loved the Westward series so far

Anonymous said...

thank u so muuucccchhhhhhhh i love the westward...ure the best

Anonymous said...

Is this game might not work on vista with the lates SP?

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