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HdO Adventure The Time Machine Trapped in Time

Travel through space and time with Time Machine: Trapped in Time game. Professor George Einwin succeeded in creating a time machine. But his intervention in the march of history invoked a chaos and changed the future! This failure urged the scientist to put an end to his life. And you are to save the situation! Follow professor’s disciple Filby as he travels through time to repair Einwin’s fault and restore the balance of time.
Time Machine: Trapped in Time is a sequel to the HdO Adventures series. In this purely hidden object game you’ll explore 20 stunning locations and various time epochs. Travel to the Ancient Egypt and Middle Ages, visit prehistoric Earth and meet Chronos on the Moon, look into the past and the future. Walk through dozens of catching levels to restore the order of things.
Time Machine: Trapped in Time offers unlimited amount of hints and zoom x2 feature, possibility to manage 3 profiles and a wide language choice. Play Time Machine: Trapped in Time game and save the future from chaos!

Game Size 38MB


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