Saturday, November 14, 2009 | By: Adnan

Trio: The Great Settlement

Excellent game "Trio. A great settlement "is made in the genre of" three in a row, but it is not like the classic games of this genre. Together with two ORBICOM, who were released first, you must descend into the dark and gloomy cave, where there are other inhabitants of the settlement. With the help of an ancient mechanism for you to drop colored ORBICOM so that they formed groups of three or more. This ORBICOM in the group must be the same color. Sometimes you will find in the caves of treasure chests, which you will be able to rebuild the ruined village for freed ORBICOM.

Game Size 32 MB




Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!

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Anonymous said...

this file corrupt.just to let you know

Adnan said...

Link is updated Now.Enjoy

Anonymous said...

the game has a TROJAN!!!!! :(:(:(


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