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Luxor Adventures

Travel through time and space in Luxor Adventures game! The story opens when the archeologists discover that the mythical Stairway to Heaven is real. And it happened that the items were misplaced in time. Join the adventurers John and Jane in their breathtaking journey. Collect the mystical orbs to lock the time portal and restore balance of the universe. Luxor Adventures is thrilling mix of hidden object and match-three puzzle games with classical to the genres tasks. Walk through dozens of puzzling levels, explore messy locations to find precisions items and solve various enigmas. Luxor Adventures features interesting story, cute characters and several game play modes (Luxor Classic, Match-three game and endless Seek and Find). Enjoy spectacular graphics and impressive audio effects. Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? Hurry up before it’s too late! Download Luxor Adventures game and save the universe from chaos!
Updated July 22, 2012
Game Size 142  MB



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