Sunday, September 27, 2009 | By: Adnan

Kitchen Brigade

Congratulations, you have been selected as a contestant for the TV show Kitchen Brigade! Over the next 66 days, you must successfully open and manage 7 different restaurants. Manage your 3 chefs and, when the orders start piling up, give your chefs a hand by playing cooking mini-games! Serve enchiladas, clam chowder, chicken satay, and over 50 other recipes in kitchens you build and upgrade. It's up to you to win the Kitchen Brigade TV Competition!
Updated: November 28, 2021
Game Size 68 MB



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leahmelissa said...

hello adnanboy. can you post betty's beer bar? please. i can't find a free one anywhere.. all i get is a demo version.

Anonymous said...

about the kitchen brigade, i cannot download it from sendspace and from the rapidshare. maybe u can upload the file again some better website.

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