Sunday, September 6, 2009 | By: Adnan


The Fairy Kingdom is in trouble in this exciting fantasy Strategy game. As the world grows more Crowded, it is becoming harder and harder for fairies to find the location of elements they need to flourish. Jump into the role of the Fairy Queen that’s responsible for Avalon`s Garden. Manage the magical fairy realm in order to transform Avalon from a desolated island to a wonderful enchanted garden.
Game Size 121 MB



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1964494 said...

pls can u post this game again?? m searching for this game all over the net :(

Adnan said...

Please wait few days :)

Henry said...

hi! congratulations for all ur work . I tried to play this game but it's not working. resolve the problem , please ! Thank you very much!

Adnan said...

New version fixes problem with adobe flash player, if you have adobe flash player game will work on all windows without problems.

Sorry if game not work for you, but this is is only and best version available yet ;)

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