Saturday, July 4, 2009 | By: Adnan


A reclusive author has asked for your help! Travel to the mysterious world of Enlightenus and use your detective skills to track down Edgar Lee`s missing novels! Explore an entirely different maze full of perplexing puzzles and intricate locks, as you collect each chapter of the missing books. This unique Hidden Object Adventure game challenges you to solve each riddle in order to escape the land of Enlightenus!
Updated; January 27, 2016
Game Size 150 MB



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Anonymous said...

Sweet game! I think that you're really awesome, and I was wondering... do you take requests? If so, could you please, please, do Avatar the Last Airbender: Path of Zuko next? It's not really new, but it's a kickass game and I couldn't find it anywhere in .exe form. Would you please consider it? You would be even more awesome if you did. Anyway, continue to rock on!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Adnan , great game . mumsy

Anonymous said...

i can't get the game to work.
i install it, click on the shortcut and that just installs the game again.
After re-installing i click on the shortcut and it starts the full installation again etc etc!

i do have this same problem with more of your games while others work perfectly.

any ideas?

keep up the great work

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