Friday, July 3, 2009 | By: Adnan

Alchemy Mahjong

Hoppi is a dwarf-craftsman. He knows the art of alchemy and he is skillful enough to build beautiful golden items for royal family. Build Alchemical Sand Glass, Necklace of Wisdom, Crown of Strength and other magic items with gold and diamonds that you earn while completing the missions. Enjoy endless hours of fun and excitement completing sparkling missions in a company of a cute dwarf character! Once you start this ultimate game you might not be able to stop!
Updated: April 10, 2016
Game Size 9 MB


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VĂ­ctor said...

Thanks, Adnan!

Anonymous said...

Please repost Alchemy Mahjong. The link given no longer has this file available. Thanks so much.

Adnan said...

New Link Added.Have Fun!

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