Wednesday, March 23, 2016 | By: Adnan

Holiday Jigsaw Easter 3

Happy Easter to all fans of jigsaw puzzles  this year, were giving you a new Holiday Jigsaw! 500 high-quality photos await you. Each of them has an atmosphere of this family holiday and the bright tones of the first Spring flowers.For more enjoyable gameplay, weve allowed for a whole range of possibilities. Set a difficulty to suit you for each puzzle! Save your progress at any time! Convenient controls and a multitude of hints and tools make the game more comfortable to play. There are special quests and trophies for those who like a challenge.Theres nothing better than spending time in the warm company of family! Complete jigsaw puzzles with holiday photos ¿ these sweet images with themes of Easter and the flowering spring are sure to hold your interest!Assemble the pictures and enjoy the majesty of nature, elegant Easter d├ęcor, the beauty of fun animals and a wealth of holiday treats! Holiday Jigsaw. Easter 3 is sure to be a treat for any jigsaw fan!

Game Size 135 MB




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