Friday, December 25, 2015 | By: Adnan

Nonograms: Wolf's Stories

Nonograms: Wolf's Stories is a captivating logic game with simple rules and challenging solutions. Each level is made up of a grid of squares that must be either filled in or locked. Beside each row, the lengths of the runs of filled-in squares on that row are listed. Above each column, the lengths of the runs of filled-in squares in that column are listed. Your goal is to find the squares that must be filled in. Help is available in the form of a hint button that identifies a filled-in square. But you must click carefully because you're allowed only a few mistakes before you have to start over! Wrapped in a heartwarming story of a father wolf searching for his cubs, Nonograms: Wolf's Stories offers hours of satisfying puzzle-solving fun!

Game Size 41 MB




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