Tuesday, December 30, 2014 | By: Adnan

Toy Factory

Become the head of the biggest toy factory in the world as you race to save Christmas! Everyone's favorite holiday is just around the corner, but unless Santa's workers can meet their quota, the children of the world won't have presents to open Christmas morning. Fortunately, a budding entrepreneur named Wilma has the skills needed to keep hope alive! Guide her as she goes from running a small, family-owned shop to operating the very mega-plant owned by St. Nick himself, just by doing what she does best: making the customer happy! 

Happy New Year!

Game Size 139 MB



Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!


Melissa Bayes said...

I love the thought of this game! Although, It won't let me play :( Every time I try to click on the elves (to move them to a table) it boots me out of the game. :( I've tried un-installing and re-installing. No luck :( Anyone else having this problem?

Unknown said...

I am having the same problem, Melissa! I wanted to try this game out too, it looks fun!

Unknown said...

Melissa Bayes i had to right click on the toy factory on my desktop and open as administrator then it worked for me try that

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