Saturday, June 7, 2014 | By: Adnan

Gourmet Chef Challenge: Around the World

Juliana, a budding restaurant owner, has a dream and the desire to win. She's passionate about cooking and dreams of making her mark in gastronomy. When she discovers the Gourmet Chef Challenge: Around the World competition, she sees an opportunity to show her skills and goes on the TV show! Help Juliana achieve her dreams of Gastronomic Glory!

Game Size 602 MB



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Unknown said...

Why this message show up in my computer when gonna play this games. This program can't start cause d3dx9-39.dll is missing from your computer. Try to reistalling to fix this prob. After reinstall, this message come me please

Adnan said...

Hi, Katarina,

You need direct_x installed on your PC.

Click NEWS for more information.

Unknown said...

thanks, it's work now

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