Monday, June 3, 2013 | By: Adnan

Weather Lord: Hidden Realm

Command the powerful forces of nature to free an island of an evil scourge in Weather Lord: Hidden Realm! As you make your way across a once lost land, you'll restore its villages, free its people and battle ogres, golems and Yeti scum. With the elements in your hands, a sword at your side and a little magic in your pocket, no one will be able to stop you on your march to victory in this thrilling Time Management game!

Game Size 306 MB



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Cielle said...

THANKS THANKS glad i found this great website!

Machiavel said...

Thank you for uploading this serie ;) the game works pretty well and is rely more enjoyable than the first one, which wasn't bad but not as good as this one regarding the gameplay. Thank again for your hard work!

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