Sunday, February 19, 2012 | By: Adnan

The Scruffs 2 - Return of the Duke

Find the Lost Regalia that will help Grandpa Scruff prove that he is the true Duke of Scrufford in The Scruffs 2: Return of the Duke! After discovering Grandpa's regal identity, you return to Scrufford with the quirky Scruff family. An evil impostor is preparing to become the next Duke, and it’s up to you to stop him. Thwart the impostor’s devious plans and help your family in The Scruffs 2: Return of the Duke! 

Game Size 209  MB


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Gamesgirl said...

Dear AB, the file factory link is not working :(
keeps displaying the message:

"All free download slots on this server are currently in use.
For immediate access, upgrade to FileFactory Premium. Alternatively, you can try again shortly.
Retry download"

***Please provide another download link,thanks.***

Anonymous said...

Help! How do I leave the train station?

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