Saturday, January 28, 2012 | By: Adnan

Downloading Problem

Hello everyone,

Last few days was very hard for me , after megaupload (takedown) , file hosting sites which i used ( filesonic, fileserve, uploadstation ) are temporarily down :( .
I lost all my files again and it will takes some time to renew links.Please be patient.
If you recently bought premium account on filesonic, ask for refund, because i will not upload my stuff on their site anymore I am really sorry for this situation.
I will upload new stuff on filefactory and bayfiles for now, their download speed for free users is slow, but this is only way to share new games with you for now.
Thanks for you support ( purchasing premium account through my links ) it really helps me. Wish you all best.

Thanks for your understanding.


For users who have problems with games here is few apps which you need to install first to get game working properly:

Adobe Flash Player

(For internet explorer)

(For other browsers)

Direct_X 9.0c

Microsoft C++

Microsoft Net 4.0


Happy Gaming!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing all this. We may not be the most talkative audience, but we really appreciate what you do <3

Anonymous said...

Yes! Thanks for everything. You're doing great job. We will be with you in such hard moments like this. Thank you ;D

Anonymous said...

he der! im from singapore.. i love to view ur websites n download games from ur blog... no matter wat, i will olwaez support u.. great achievement u have here.. gud luck to eu! :D

from: zila (singapore)

Anonymous said...

Hiya Adrian, Im so much fun of your games, pretty excellent. My only suggestion is you must provide more download links in other file sharing sites in case of file deletion or the site been closed. You can try upload via torrent. Anyway more power to your game sharing site. :)

ClassyLady said...

A Big Thank You Adnan, for all you do and will continue to do..always grateful to you for the games !!!

Anonymous said...

Adnan your the best. Thank you so much for this service - you've shown me so many good games and/or developers/creators.

Now I know which games to save my money and buy to support since they put out quality products. I used to hate buying a game to only see its garbage, with zero replay value... after spending 20+ bucks.

I love supporting independent game makers all the time, and your site helps me find them and try out the games. :)

Thank you for all this time. I show my friends the games later and they can consider purchasing it later from their developers too!

Anonymous said...

hello Adnan. thank you so much for sharing the games, appreciated!!
these couple of days I did try to dl from filefactory, unfortunely, I got all the msg. saying the server is "in use" and won't able to do anything... >.<!!.. I wish you can have more dl links as u used to have.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Adnan... I must say I'm really getting disappointed lately for having so much difficulty in downloading your games... I'd like to thank you very much for your very very great games... Congratulations and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

It must be at times like this that you wonder if it is all worth while. Please be assured that the effort you put into making these games available is greatly appreciated by a lot of people. Many thanks for bringing this pleasure into so many lives. Don['t forget to make known to downloaders if your hosting costs aren't being met. I'm sure there are enough people to help. Regards.........tokoian

Anonymous said...

can you upload your games in MEDIAFIRE please?

Afa said...

dear adnan.. more mediafire links pls.. tqvm 4 all ur works all this years.. great works!!.

Anonymous said...

shukran Adnan :) thank you for everyhing ;) and keep on what you're doing..

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