Sunday, May 22, 2011 | By: Adnan


Three gigantic and mysterious Cubes have landed on Sylia's main islands. Inside them, unknown creatures (… Aliens) are gathered and plot on how to take control of the lands and ultimately extract the planet's energy – that would be the end of all life. Is Sylia a realm about to fall? Maybe not! A group of heroes is not willing to let that happen! They are Sylia's finest knight, wizardress, cleric and warrior. Supported and guided by their nation, they must enter the Cube where the Aliens' Queen (a mysterious woman by the name of Lady Godiva) is and stop her! But the task seems overwhelming… Who is going to win the fight for Sylia? Will the land thrive or will the Aliens gain its energy and destroy every life form in the process?

Game Size 99 MB




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hotie4u said...

i need a walk through desperately... i cant find one of the pillars i need to break... please help

Anonymous said...

go to room M23, then go up and then left, then you will be in the new room.
basicly you need to go off the main road

Anonymous said...

anybody know of a strategy guide please? I'm still stuck in the desert :S can't even get past the first part lol x

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