Monday, May 30, 2011 | By: Adnan

Frozen Kingdom

Summer always reigned in the Fairy Land, with bright colors and merry laughter…but the land had its dark place as well. On its far border lay the castle of the wicked wizard, who loved the cold and the dark. Around his castle reigned winter and eternal night. Now, he has turned the fantasy land into snowy wilderness! Help the young magician in his struggle against the wicked wizard and restore summer to the Fairy Land in Frozen Kingdom!

Game Size 68 MB




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Monisia said...

Did'd work miss dll.exe something like that. Just on my PC not work?

kimmi said...

tried to download twice from different download sites but get an error message

Cannot find import: DLL may be missing, corrupt or wrong version, File "d3dx9_42dll", error 126

Adnan said...

Monisia,kimmi you get missing dll because you not have Direct_X installed,
you can download direct_X from this site

kimmi said...

thanks adnan helpful to the last

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