Wednesday, December 15, 2010 | By: Adnan

Tommy Tronic

Tommy Tronic - a delightful new platformer for the PC. Utilizing a full 3D engine this action platformer adds a visually pleasing extra dimension to the current 2D platform genre. Interplay is proud to present this first incarnation of the wonderful world of Tommy Tronic. Whether young or old, Tommy Tronic will engage you and keep you curious as to just what will be around the next corner! Set in a sprawling, haunted woodland, the player is taken across 12 levels of child-like imagination and mayhem. Where else will huge angry Carrots chase you? Or mutated Tomatoes upset the food chain? Use power-ups and weapons wisely to progress and keep a keen eye out for secret areas and bonus rooms. With luck, not only will Tommy be reunited with his four-legged chum, you will also give a cruel bully what's coming to him too!

Game Size 55 MB



Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!

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Edith said...

I'm already stuck in level 4... :-( I don't know how to get under the bridge...can anybody help me?

Anonymous said...

i can't get trow level 1 please someone help me ? plssssssss

Edith said...

What's exactly the problem in level 1?

Anonymous said...

after i pass the second door i can't jump in the left side :(

Edith said...

You just have to keep to the left and jump as late as you can. I hope you will succeed en then perhaps you can help me with level 4...i still can't find the right way!
(Are you dutch? If so, we can talk dutch..much easier!)

ame said...

tks edith i did i jumped i'm in level 3 now . im romanian not dutch. i will help you if i can tks very much

ame said...

of edith im in level 4 and i can't get under the bridge to :(( is imposible :(

Matthew Allan said...

cant find wooden key on level 1. Any Help please?

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