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Heart's Medicine - Season One

Share the ups and downs of life as a resident doctor in Heart's Medicine - Season One, a heartwarming new experience from the creators of the hit Delicious series. Meet Allison Heart, a young medical student performing her residency at the Little Creek Clinic. It's her first day under the guidance of the doctor who inspired her career choice, and she's very anxious to start helping people in need. But while she's prepared for the hustle and bustle of treating patients, she's also about to realize that being a doctor involves much more than just dressing a bandage and writing a prescription. Play Allison in this inspiring first chapter as she learns to believe in herself so that she may one day become a great doctor like her mentor. Involve yourself in the lives of other doctors and patients to help them get better physically, as well as emotionally. Treat patients with skill-based mini-games, upgrade the clinic with better facilities, and make friends with a varied cast of characters. With five different hospital areas, 60 upgrades, 50 achievements, special Easter eggs, and an emotionally engaging storyline offering drama, comedy and romance, Heart's Medicine will move you from the start.
Updated: June 29, 2015
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Anonymous said...

Cool game. I want the second season!

bonita said...

I love this game, thank you!

Elholland10 said...

Loved this game! When does the second season come out?

Anonymous said...

can you upload again it says there was a server error and is no longer available please and thank you

Anonymous said...

file not found

Adnan said...

New links will be added in few days.Be patient. Thanks

Rousis said...


Adnan said...

BFG version added. Have Fun!

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