Tuesday, June 16, 2009 | By: Adnan

Posh Boutique

It's Alicia's birthday and she has a big surprise coming! Her grandmother, Lily, has decided it's time for Alicia to take over her chain of posh boutiques. Alicia thinks it sounds like a dream come true but in reality it takes a special someone with great timing, a keen business sense, and an eye for style to make Posh Boutique...

Game Size 27 MB



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topaz965 said...

Thank you for all the great games. I have a question for you that you will probably think is stupid. When I downloaded this game the file downloaded, but the game did not have to be installed. I just unrared and clicked on the file and the game started right up. Game works great, love it. Just a little confused...It is different than all you other games. Is this the way it is suppose to be? Is this an online game?
Thank you again for all the great games.
Your loyal seeder

Adnan said...

Your Question is not stupid,Feel Free To Ask anything about games,
This Game is not online,Because Game is downloaded from Reflexive,I Didnt make installer because i spend a lot of time time to build setup.
I am Only put the game folder in archive,Its Easy and fast for me,Just Unrar Game Folder In My Documents or anywhere,Create Desktop Shortcut and Play Game.Enjoy.And Thanks For Seed.

topaz965 said...

Thank you for explaining. The game works great. I always trust your games.
Thanks again.

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