Saturday, October 2, 2010 | By: Adnan

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure

Dora and Boots are in Wizzle World, trapped inside the Magic Storybook! Luckily, Dora has the wishing crystal, but she must bring it to the Wishing Wizzle to get home in time for her birthday party. Meanwhile, the witch, La Bruja, is chasing Dora and Boots, trying to steal the wishing crystal. Help our friends escape La Bruja and get back to the Rain Forest in time for the party! This full version of Dora's Big Birthday features: · Unlockable printables · Mini-games that teach matching, rhyming, patterns, and more! · A fun adventure! Will Dora and Boots make it to the birthday party? Find out when you play Dora's Big Birthday Adventure today!
Game Size 40 MB



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