Wednesday, September 22, 2010 | By: Adnan

Dora's Lost and Found Adventure

Help Dora find everything that Swiper swiped in Dora's Lost and Found Adventure, a fantastic new hidden picture game just for kids. Dora and her friends are going to the park to put on a music show and then have a fun picnic. They're about to start the show when, oh no!, Swiper shows up. He swipes everything - their instruments, party decorations, toys, and even the food for their picnic. Now Dora needs your help to find it all! Join Dora and Boots along with Map, Backpack and their friends Isa the Iguana and Benny the Bull as they set out to find everything that Swiper swiped. Search for the hidden pictures in fun places like Flowery Garden, Star Mountain and Nutty Forest. Be sure to collect all the stars you see to unlock 5 special pictures to print and color. Learn about colors, shapes, numbers and Spanish while you're having fun with Dora and her friends

Game Size 34 MB



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Anonymous said...

Thank you! My daughter loves Dora games!

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