Saturday, August 22, 2009 | By: Adnan

Fill Up!

It's your lucky day! You've just inherited a petrol station! Now you urgently need to think of ways to develop it ... and get rich. As we all know well, clients mean money. So you need to figure out how to attract more clients to your petrol station. Providing fast and quality service is a good starting point - but there's more to it. Be creative and bring things to perfection! If you are determined and pursue your goal, you're destined to become the prosperous owner of a modern petrol station. The news of your success will spread, and all the largest banks will offer to invest their money in your business. The beautiful and amusing design, the merry music and effects will certainly cheer you up. We wish you lots of fun in this truly stimulating and entertaining venture!

Game Size 85 MB



Have fun and feel free to leave your comments!


Deadman said...

You are the greatest, my friend. Thank you.

Deadman said...

btw is it me or there is no sound in this game? tried running using 2 pc's

Anonymous said...

thanks so much, but I also have no sound, to me no big deal...I'm happy to have the game.

VĂ­ctor said...

Thanks, Adnan!

Anonymous said...

yep no sound makes it to hard for me to play but thanks for evthing else you rock!!

Anonymous said...

This game does not start. You install it and it doesn't run. I live in a country where downloading is not for free you pay for it. I am getting tired of downloading adnan stuff that don't work. WHAT HAPPENED? There was a time when this never happened with adnan downloads. I guess good downloads don't last. This will be the last time I use adnan to download from. Found another better blog.

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