Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | By: Adnan

Cake Mania 4 - Main Street

Enjoy the latest time management game of Cake Mania series. In Cake Mania Main Street you are to help Jill revitalize Main Street and make it a mecca for tourists. Open four downtown shops with unique national cuisine, including a remodeled Evans Bakery, Jack's Burger Barn, Risha's Flowers and Sumo Sushi. Unlock 40 delicious recipes and level-changing power-ups to increase your cash. Upgrade your shops and build tourist attractions: the World's Largest Cake, Fantastic Fountain and a giant statue of Jill. Cake Mania Main Street features new game play mechanics, 100 challenging levels, cute customers, tons of upgrades and hours of fun.

Game Size 89  MB


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Anonymous said...

beautiful game! :)
un abrazo enorme, gaby de Argentina.

Anonymous said...

this game doesn't work for me. it all downloaded fine, but when I click on the icon to play, the screen turns black and my hourglass comes up and then it just stays like that till I bring up task manager and end the task. in the task manager bar it says that it is not responding. could i get some help as to why it may not be working. otherwise, all your games are absolutely WONDERFUL. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ADNAN.

Cyb said...

cool game :)

Thanx Adnan...

ansai said...

yup same as me.. it doesn't work.. just a black screen and its not responding..
I'm using Vista.
So anyone using vista but able to run the program?
just can't test it with my PC which installed with XP because it broken.

Deadman said...

I have no problems running this. Windows 7 x64. Thank you for this great realease.

topaz965 said...

I have no problems with this game. I have it running on my main puter XP 64, IE 8. I do sometimes have issues on my other puter that is running XP home edition, IE 8. The graphics card is the problem. I am not sure why it will not work for you, but a suggestion is to make sure your players are all updated.

topaz965 said...


Anonymous said...

mine's working fine too but when 1 reach day 19 of the bakery stage, all my upgrades were gone and every eqpt went back to its most basic form. Is this suppose to happen??

Anonymous said...

i got it started and it's all fine but when i leave the game and come back on the next day to play it all my saved games are gone and it asks me to type a new player name. anyone having that problem?

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