Sunday, April 24, 2022 | By: John

Shopping Clutter 15: Around the Campfire

Spring in Animalville is amazing! Nature revives and blossoms; and no one wants to stay at home when the weather is so nice and warm. Especially the Walkers! So they decided to go camping! The perfect place to make a camp is already found but the family needs a lot of things to set it up.An additional complexity is that the Walker parents didn't want to make a list in advance, so that kids would not just memorize boring information. Instead they wanted them to figure out what's important in camping by doing it. Such lessons are very important for the little Hare who is going to join the Fluffy Scouts soon.This means that the Walkers will have to shop in a hurry, and they really need the help of the most clever, fast and talented person in the whole world! Are you ready to answer their call? Play "Shopping Clutter 15: Around the Campfire", exercise your brains and attention, enjoy an incredible camping atmosphere, and win!Shopping Clutter 15: Around the Campfire is an amazing, colorful brain-jogging game for players of all ages. It includes 140 clutter puzzles where the player has to find the necessary objects in the mess. In addition, the patient and attentive players will get access to 20 additional levels of different puzzles.

Game Size 167 MB



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